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Update on things

2010-06-05 04:16:11 by svm

I've been releasing various videos both on my youtube account and some other places. I'm also going to be in a flash collab here shortly. It's called "Holy spriters" in case any of you know the name. If not look up the first one as it is pretty funny.

In other news though I'm nearing the finishing mark for the trailer of my animated series (hand drawn mind you) named "Sonic the Hedgehog : Metallic Apocalypse". I'm hoping to get the trailer out within the next few months if everything goes ok but you never know. In any case stay tuned and look out for Holy Spriters 2 sometime in the future!

More info

2008-05-08 22:42:38 by svm

Hello everyone if anyone. Just wanted to update you guys on whats been going on. Recently I just got my GED and I'm about to head off to college. Now that doesnt mean I'm trashing my series. In fact I will be drawing it now for sure. The first episode may not be out for sometime but I will be posting teasers and trailers here and there. The storyline me and my friend Silverblade91 have come up seems to be very solid and I think many Sonic fans will be pleased with it. Well I hope to bring this flash to newgrounds sometime soon and show you guys what I can really do ;).

New direction

2007-08-24 16:56:01 by svm

Well I have been working on my second episode for MSR 2. Some changes are being made and i think you guys will be happy with the results. First of all the series is getting a new name which in the future you will see why. My flash skills have progressed greatly and i have had the help of many great flash artists but i wouldnt expect this movie out anytime soon sadly. Life has away of consuming your time so its hard to work on everything lol. Anyways I may be releasing a teaser trailer for anyone who is interested so you can look forward to that while i keep working on the 2nd episode.